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Anonymous asked: I agree with you. Renge is an underappreciated character. If I remember correctly, Bisco Hatori stated that she will be a businesswoman in the future. I can imagine her managing her own animation studio (a sucessful one at that).


I figure Renge will run whatever she ends up with, be it a business or a family or a city or what have you (or possibly all of the above??)  In a way I wonder why Yoshio Ootori didn’t jump on her original obsession with his youngest son and add her to his family.  Because for reals she could compete with Kyoya in management skills.  

but seriously it makes me sad/mad that the Renge tag is full of haters. lame.

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I will never understand the hate that Renge gets like not only is she the hottest character in the whole entire anime but like she’s also the cutest??? she cosplays on a daily basis?  not to mention she’s super frikin capable like even Kyoya is impressed with heR WHO COULD HATE ON RENGE SHE’S ADORABLE AND ALSO A BOSS (but seriously like of all those “damn rich bastards” Renge is the one who uses her wealth/power for fun like while all the guys are busy being angsty about tradition and family and duty Renge is off bribing people in the media for leaks and self-publishing her own fan-art) how could anyone hate her I don’t get it

Filed under renge houshakuji also can we talk about how renge is obviously not a stupid and it's my theory that she totes knows Haruhi is female and is completely and totally okay with that like she lets Haruhi have the secret and then one day she ASKS HARUHI OUT and Haruhi is all like well I'd say yes but I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to date girl!Haruhi and she's like um Renge we need to talk and Renge is all like uh I'm not stupid NOW COME ON LET'S GO OUT OKAY IT WILL TOTALLY FREAK THE BOYS OUT IT WILL BE FUN I PROMISE and like they date for a while I don't know Haruhi/Renge is a thing in my brain but not a long term thing??? this happens sometimes when I like a ship but like one of them is part of an OTP like kyoharu is my grove brothers nobody messes with the kyoharu but I kind of like haruhi having her first serious crush ON RENGE and being super confused about life since she's never really had a crush before and like even when Kyoya and Haruhi are old people and have been married for a super long time Kyoya still gets irrationally jealous of Renge at random times and of course she's married and have like ten kids but still they will go out for coffee and when Haru comes hoem Kyoya will be all aloof for a bit until she calms him down

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okay I know I never really talk about the twins but I was imagining a soul eater AU and like I’m not seeing them as twin weapons so much as two parts of the same weapon

like you can’t use one without the other

(instinct is saying bow-and-arrow??  In which Kaoru is a bow and Hikaru is some sort of magic returning arrow.  The symbolism is killing me, it’s just so fitting, especially given their character arch in the anime.)

I was kind of hoping for Haruhi to wield them but like now all I can see is ARCHER TAMAKI literally Tamaki gets no credit for taking care of the twins he tries so hard to make them feel welcome like their happiness is so important to him AND CAN YOU IMAGINE HIM AS A MEISTER LIKE HE WOULD TOTALLY GET USED TO TELLING THEM APART IT WOULD BE ADORABLE

Filed under I feel like an ouran/SE au should happen but like all of those I can find are either way over-populated or really plot-driven and I'm not so much concerned with like the characters meeting each other I'm more concerned about how they fit in each other's worlds like can you friggin imagine Maka at Ouran oh god she would be so angry all the time and I have this little headcannon for this au where Haruhi is a friggin broadsword I mean like she seems so little and innocent and then she transforms and she's FRIGGIN HUGE and nobody can even pick her up because her wavelength is just really really specific AND OF COURSE THE KYOHARU SHIPPER IN ME IS LIKE let's make the Ootori family like famous for the sheer amount of bad-ass meisters it produces like the Ootori kids all go to the DWMA because they are expected to be totally boss but Kyoya has always been an embarassment to his family because he's never been able to wield a weapon like at all even though there are many hanging around his family obviously and they are all willing to help him out so he just tries to be better everything else but IT TURNS OUT THIS DORK AND A HALF SOMEHOW ACCIDENTALLY PICKS UP HARUHI IN WEAPON FORM instant friendship and both of them are immediately like wait I'm not broken?? I'M NOT BROKEN and they live happily ever after beating the bad guys into the dust ALSO to switch subjects originally I was thinking that Mori should be a traditional weapon but I'm thinking brass knuckles?? mostly because they are more defensive than anything and that fits and because his little cousin is definately the aggressor of the two and don't even tell me that they aren't a pair because who else would he protect like that UM ALSO RENGE GODDAMN HOUSHAKUJI oh dear she would be a really boss meister silly me how could I forget renge

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so sudden urge to write a cute kyoharu fic where they stop talking when one of them gets married and then like 20 years later they are both single parents at an Ouran parent-teacher meet-and-greet for the freshman class AND THEIR KIDS GET INTO ALL SORTS OF TROUBLE TOGETHER AND BECOME GOOD FRIENDS SO OBVIOUSLY THEY PARENT TRAP THEIR PARENTS because obviously they had a thing going on back in the day

I just have this image of 40-something!Kyoya finally getting around to asking Haruhi out and sitting there like, okay but we have teenagers, we are way too old to be beating around the bush—do you like me?? check yes or no if you check yes we can get married and have a happy blended family please check yes!!1!  and the kids being all sneaky in the background bein’ like welp he may not be smooth but at least he honest

Filed under i'm having a moment don't mind me kyoharu I WANT TO WRITE ITBUT LIKE I HAVE SO MANY OTHER PROJECTS AND PEOPLE GET MAD WHEN I DON'T UPDATE FAST ENOUGH literally one of my projects was started like 3 years ago yes I am one of those oh well HAHA I'MA WRITE IT ANYWAY THE OTHERS CAN WAIT