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To see how much I can display my talent without going over the “limits” of a third son… That is like having a canvas already set inside a formidable frame, and trying to create the best painting atop it. That is my role.

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Filed under this is legit the most important thing in ouran for me this is the theme that got me most of the other character archs are things I have seen in other people or that I have seen in literature but this specific theme of Kyoya's part to play his position in his own family and how that affects his perception of his position in the universe the idea that his father asks him to exceed but pushes him back down into the frame if he does I get that that's my life I understand the helplessnes of not being able to reach your potential not because you can't but because if you do no one will accept it that glorious flower he paints maybe one day I will overcome my ingrained philosophy and paint my own

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Anonymous asked: I don't know how about you, but I'm comfortable with Haruhi, Tamaki and Kyoya being in a polyamorous relationship. Yes. I can imagine Tamaki loving both Haruhi and Kyoya. Kyoya loving both Tamaki and Haruhi. And Haruhi loving both men.

ugh yes :D  I have never legitimately had an ot3 but they are the closest thing to it in my brain.  Somehow it just works.  (seriously tho what a bunch of cutie pies man)

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Anonymous asked: I thought I was the only one who hated when ficwriters turns Kyoya from Ouran into a villain/abusive person. I'm not the characterization police, but turning Kyoya into a villain/abusive person is ignoring all his characterization/character development.

Literally his entire story arch is about how much of a loyal, sensitive guy he is and how much he cares about his friends.  I don’t get it, it’s like people are watching the first 3 seconds of all his scenes and then skipping ahead and assuming that what he said about himself was true.  Like there’s a whole episode dedicated to showing that he’s just playing a part.  Ugh.  Maybe it’s just because I identify with him as a character, but it really scares me that so many people misunderstand him.  Do they misunderstand me too??  It’s not like I have a convenient plot and narrative to tell them I’m not really a bad person.

Anyhow, nope! You’re not alone!    

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Filed under that's why as a kid I always enjoyed reading historical fiction about ellis island immigrants and japanese-americans during ww2 etc etc etc because it was a comfort to me to know that some day it would somebody else and everyone would eventually think of Mexican immigrants as a natural part of society just like now they think of the Italian or Irish immigrants and as much as it scares me that one day we will be the ones yelling go back to (wherever) I am still comforted by the cycle. perhaps with the advent of such speedy technology the time in between immigrant waves will be better recorded and in the next wave those of us who remember our own experience will still be alive and influencial enough to make some changes