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Anonymous asked: I love the mall episode with Kyoya and Haruhi too. Have you noticed something? Haruhi and Tamaki are the most important characters to Kyoya's character development.

For sure!! It’s funny because while I would never put all of them in the same character type, I would compare each of them to each of the others with no problem.  Haruhi compares the boys to each other successfully; Haruhi and Tamaki are both perceptive and caring enough to push back Kyoya’s outer shell; Haruhi and Kyoya are often seen on the sidelines trying to keep the others in check (not to mention both of them are rather frugal and practical).  Yet I’m not sure what it is that all three of them have in common.  Hm.   

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Anonymous asked: The doctor will never be a woman. There are plenty of women in the show that are admirable role models. I think you're just full ofsh it. Stop pushing your american views onto Doctor Who, a BRITISH show, with BRITISH values. It's unbelievable how obnoxious and hypocritical feminists are, especially you third-wave feminists. Always spouting "equal rights" but, "Can't hit me, cause I'm a girl!" You probably won't respond to this because you know I'm right and the whovianfeminism stance is weak.



This was so beautiful that I had to put it up on my wall and examine it as if it were an exquisite piece of art. 


"Manpain" by Anonymous

Above we have a quintessential example of early 21st Century prose by an aggrieved man. The author of this piece is unknown, but we can surmise by his inability to properly say “shit” to a woman and his assurance that he likes “admirable” female characters that he is most likely a “Nice Guy.”

The anonymous author employs deliberate obtuseness in order to provoke a reaction from his audience. Notice how he pretends no British individual supports the idea of a woman portraying the Doctor, despite clear evidence to the contrary, even amongst actors who have portrayed the titular character on the show. Then there is the stunning self-centeredness regarding his perception of third wave feminism; he is only interested in equality it grants him the “right” to hit the women whose arguments make him so incoherently angry that he is unable to rationally reply.

His final challenge attempts to trap the reader. Do we respond and grant him the audience and validation he so desperately seeks, or do we ignore him and let him believe he has won? But perhaps we have a third option: to turn the focus back on him and examine how his comments display his deep insecurity in his own sense of masculinity, something he feels can only be reclaimed by challenging a girl on the internet to a fight and preemptively declaring victory because he fears he cannot engage with her on an intellectual level.

a work of goddamn art oh my god

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okay but Vastra freaking out about the Doctor being hurt by Clara because she’s been hurt like that before by people she trusted is just so beautiful I love it and I love her.

not to mention they talked about it, seriously Vastra yelled and Clara yelled and they figured out they weren’t actually fighting in the first place and then they ganged up to solve crime and such what a beautiful thing I love this show.

Filed under like seriously when was the last time characters communicated about anything emotional yay for no pointless hate between characters when you could be friends!!! Jenny and Vastra and CLara need to have like a whole series all to themselves dw

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don’t you fucking dare tell me that clara oswald is not a well-rounded character after that- she was terrified and upset and selfish and accepting and afraid and unsure and forgiving and just give a round of applause to clara oswald everybody because she fucking deserves it

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Filed under okay but this is so great because this could have been so shallow and it isn't Clara could have been the next in a long line of people falling in love with him because he's pretty amazing but she isn't she likes his company and she likes the adventure (as long as she can control it) and she likes him as a person but I think was she's been feeling above that is admiration he's crazy and amazing and super smart but also sweet and weird and sometimes a bit stupid he's a puzzle and she's a smart girl who loves a challenge and she's found out that he has some tricks up his sleeve and that she could learn and that being his friend is lovely and is a bit in awe of him Martha sees an intellegent man and falls in love Donna sees the same man and looks for something else to relate to him by and Clara looks at this clever alien and sees someone who has more and better experience than her someone who controls the outcomes of huge events and doesn't really care maybe she wants to be like him or maybe she wants to take him home in a blanket and mother him but either way she's a bit in awe she doesn't fancy him she admires him but he forgot for a bit who he was and he started to fancy her I could keep going because this raises and answers so many great characterization quetions the doctor is absolutely facinating as a character study because he's soooo strangely consistent even through almost constant change sort of like the ship Heart of Gold and this is such an interesting relationship to through at him